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Isamu Noguchi

For a period of six decades, Isamu Noguchi has been at the forefront of American Architecture and furniture design. Being one of the more influential designers of his era, Noguchi was able to create thousands of designs that are still admired to this day.

Born to a Japanese Poet and an American writer and editor, Isamu Noguchi was introduced to a life of art well before he was able to walk. With the help of his mother, he was able to learn the basics of furniture design through the help of a local carpenter in Chigasaki.

As soon as he was finished High School, the family moved to American wherein Isamu was given the opportunity to learn through various sculptors and designers. Adopting the name "Sam Gilmour", Noguchi was able to take night classes in the Leonardo Da Vinci art school in Columbia and was able to impress the school head with his work. Within 3 months of his enrollment, Noguchi was able to produce various sculptures made from terra cotta and plaster.

Being born from two different ethnicities, most of Noguchi's work is considered multi-national. In fact, Isamu style is known for blending modern-day standards architecture and the flourish, detail and peaceful tone of his Japanese upbringing. Also being inspired by the reductive style by older artists, Noguchi also infuses some sort of abstract into his modernist designs. Noguchi also collaborates regularly with other designers, making most of his designs blend seamlessly in a lot of buildings, sculptures and furniture in recent times.